Julkaistu 03.05.2018 , päivitetty 07.05.2018

Contribute to user experience testing in the field of medical care

CreaMentors Ltd is currently developing and has over the years developed a variety of medical services with our clients using business design as a method. In order to achieve set goals we rigorously research markets and measure user experience through our design process.

As a part of a user experience and service modeling process for an international health care service we seek people to test it outside of Finland. Our primary focus is on people from following areas of the world: Russia, Sweden and United States.


Your role in this

We are looking for a straighforward attitude, direct feedback and additional points of interests. You will be our fresh view and provide valuable information to help us define the direction with the user experience design.

1) You will browse the current site and comment it

2) We will ask short questions

3) We will present a new landing page concept

4) We will discuss the new concept



Gift card to recognized international vendor such as Amazon or similar business.


How to participate

To participate please use the form below and if you have more questions please contact our digital lead in this project, Vesa Leppänen.

Most important part for us is to be able to see your screen as you browse the website. For this we can use multiple softwares or direct browser services such as Google Hangouts. We do not record our session without a permission.

We will be in conctact with you shortly and offer more detailed instructions as to how user testing will be scheduled and executed.